Service Level Agreement

"Downtime" for a product occurs when its Error Rate is greater than 5%.

"Error Rate"
means, over a given 1-minute period, the percentage of your requests to a's Covered Experiences resulting in an error out of your total requests to those Covered Experiences. For cases in which we confirm all Covered Experiences were completely inoperable or unable to receive your requests, the Error Rate for that minute is 100%. If you attempted no requests to any of the Covered Experiences over a minute, the Error Rate is 0%.

"Covered Experiences" means the pages of the Raidboss web panel ( and Jira addon (pages limited to Activities dashboard, Challenges dashboard, Thanks dashboard, Perks dashboard, New challenge widget on the Issue view, Challenge overview panel within the Issue glance). Pages of Atlassian Jira or other Atlassian products are not the subject of this SLA.

"Monthly Uptime Percentage" means 100% minus the percentage of Downtime minutes out of the total minutes in the relevant calendar month.

Service Level Commitment

We provide a Monthly Uptime Percentage of >=99.9% if you have an active trial or an active subscription to products. All other cases are not covered by this SLA, however, we tend to provide a Monthly Uptime Percentage of >=99.5% for read-only mode within Covered Experiences.

March 14, 2022