Raidboss guide

Raidboss is a Slack app to create challenges for your teammates, assign rewards and exchange rewards with valuable artifacts in the corporate shop.

Like in the regular Slack app, features of Raidboss are available via Slack slash commands.
Type `/rb help` command to list available Raidboss commands
Game Managers
Game Manager (or simply GM) is a user with the superpower.
GM is granted to access Raidboss admin panel, setup challenges, add and redeem artifacts.
Type `/rb gm` command to list all Game Managers
By default, the user who adds Raidboss app to Slack workspace is the first and single Game Manager.
GM can use `/rb promote @user` or `/rb demote @user` commands to manage GMs
Challenge comprises a mission, designated reward and type:
/problem, /quest or /raid.

GM creates challenges of any type via handy slash commands.
The general format is `/COMMAND MISSION REWARDS`.
Problem is the most simple type of challenge.
1 problem — 1 user accepts — 1 user earns reward.

In other words, use `problems` to get a particular thing done once at all. Only the first, who accepts the problem challenge can complete it and claim the reward.

Example: /problem close the door please :medal:
When you set up a quest, multiple users can accept, complete and earn rewards on their own.

Quest type makes sense to check the ability to perform for multiple users separately.

Example: /quest get to the office at 9am 3:gem:
Start a raid to team up people in the face of one ambitious task.
Raid leader splits the rewards upon completion.

Typically, the raid is a big goal, with appropriate big reward. It's supposed that raid is possible to complete only by working together when users complement each other.

Example: /raid move to new office 30:gem: 5:star:
Challenge announcement
By default, challenges announced for everyone in the Slack channel where slash command typed.

For advanced use cases, Game Managers can specify who exactly is invited via Slack mentions.
Slack groups also supported (e.g. @sales).
Reward in the Raidboss is like a corporate virtual currency.
GM assign a reward for each challenge.
Once a challenge has been completed and approved by GM, the reward is transferred to user balance.
Types of rewards
Game Manager is in control of what reward types are enabled from the library.
Combine rewards
Within challenge, multiple types of rewards can be used.
The main element of the shop is an artifact.
Artifact is a representation of a valuable thing, either virtual or physical.
GMs manage available artifacts and responsible for redemption.
Earn ⟶ Purchase ⟶ Redeem
Type `/rb shop` command to list available artifacts
How to know what members complete challenges better than others?
Using the leaderboard it is possible to display the rank of each user.
The more rewards user has earned, the higher position.
Everyone can get an overview of top rewarded users using `/rb leaderboard` command.
GMs are capable to disallow free access to the leaderboard on the settings page.
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