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for remote teams

Bring your teamwork to the next level.
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Gamify daily routine and ambitious goals

Turn tasks of any size into engaging challenges and assign a reward.
Once the challenge is completed – the reward is earned.

Foster peer-to-peer recognition

Express gratitude and reward teammates remotely with Raidboss Thanks.

Enable team play

Run Raid challenges for cross-functional and ambitious tasks.
Allow members to split the reward based on personal impact.
Raidboss featured as the Brilliant bot by the Slack platform team.

Highlight top performers

Visualize personal performance on the common leaderboard.
Celebrate the best employees of the month.

Design your employee bonus program

Add perks of your choice to the company's shop.
Allow teammates to exchange them with earned rewards.
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Benefits for your team

Team spirit
Allow teammates to perform the most suitable tasks and get assistance to focus on a team's goal.
The practice of challenges and raids cultivates self-organization and create better feedback cycles for flat companies.
Fast feedback loop
By getting a challenge reward immediately, teammates establish an association between efforts and results.
Healthy competition
Assign a fair reward to define a performance metric connected with real impact on business.

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