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What poisons teamwork

You never know what are the personal goals of teammates, and if they match the direction of the team? It's hard to be sure the decisions have been made in favor of a collective boon rather than an individual incentive. Most of the teams expect people to be selflessness, but it's not the case by default.
Lack of recognition
For group tasks, it's hard to keep track of who did the most of the job and who played the fool. Without recognition, teammates with good performance lose motivation to make a similarly high level of impact. At the same time, the mates with a low performance don't get an impulse for improvements.
Fear of responsibility
For flat team structures, it's common to avoid a formal definition of who is responsible for what. Given the main direction, you expect self-organization and proactivity. But until there is no settled culture, people tend to minimize the area of personal responsibility.
A spirit of unhealthy competition makes people pick a task purely based on personal preferences.
While from a team perspective, each person has an aptitude and experience to perform particular types of tasks better than other types.

What is a Raid

Raid is a group challenge with a big reward.
A team is capable to complete the challenge, but it is unapproachable for individuals.


  • 1
    Common goal
    Personal success is impossible without the success of the entire team. There are no unwanted competition and intrigues.
  • 2
    Multiple roles
    Every ambitious challenge requires different skills and roles to be involved in the solution. Someone tanks while someone else has to heal.
  • 3
    Pull vs. Push
    Teammates make their own decision to join a raid. A person who pulls a task is more productive than a person who has been pushed with a task.
  • 4
    Public recognition
    Reward announcements are public. It makes a person to be proud of achievements. At the same time, it is a great example of correct behavior for the rest of the team.
  • 5
    A reward has to correspond to the complexity of a task. By getting a reward immediately, teammates establish an association between efforts and results.
  • 6
    Shared rewards
    An important component of a healthy team is fairness. Once a raid has been completed, teammates decide on their own how to share the rewards.

How Raidboss works

Raidboss App adds a unique /raid slash command.
Write down a mission and assign a reward to start a challenge.
Once published, anyone can join the raid.
After completion and your approval,
Raidboss releases the reward and makes a public announcement.
Start using Raidboss with your team in a minute


The reward represents immediate positive feedback.
It demonstrates a relation between efforts and results.
Enable types of the rewards to your taste.


Corporate shop adds an incentive to keep people engaged.
Propose artifacts appropriate to the values of your company.

Single-player mode

Raidboss adds two additional slash commands to challenge individuals.
Problem is the most simple type of challenge.
1 problem — 1 user accepts — 1 user earns reward.
When you set up a quest, multiple users can accept, complete and earn rewards on their own.

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