Set up challenges for teammates and assign rewards for any task directly in Slack

How it works

Accept challenges
Participate in challenges by accepting announcements from Game Masters
Earn rewards
Once the Game Master confirms the mission completed, you receive challenge rewards
Purchase artifacts
Collect rewards and exchange for artifacts in the Raidboss shop
How to create challenges
Game Masters create challenges via slash command.
Challenge comprises a mission, designated reward and type:
/problem, /quest or /raid
Problem is the most simple type of challenge.
1 problem — 1 user accepts — 1 user earns reward.
When you set up a quest, multiple users can accept, complete and earn rewards on their own.
Start a raid to team up with other people and attempt ambitious challenges!
Raid leader splits the rewards upon completion.
Game Masters add artifacts to the shop,
users exchange rewards with artifacts
Type `/rb shop` command to list available artifacts
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Raidboss concepts

Fair reward for task of any size
A reward in Raidboss is like corporate virtual currency.
You define a balance between the value of a task and cost of the artifacts in the Shop.
Foster team play
Raid challenge type is a unique methodology to cultivate team play. Users unite together to complete a big task and get a big reward. They decide how to split the reward at the end.
Seamless integration
Raidboss app is designed to leverage the maximum features of Slack. Because of this, regular users keep performing all activities without leaving Slack.
Artifacts of your choice
Your Game Masters control the incentive for users.
Promote family values or corporate merchandise by proposing appropriate artifacts in the Shop.
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