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Challenge is another great tool to engage your teammates with Raidboss and Jira.
Once setup is complete, you will see the `Assign reward` button at the top of any issue page.
Click on it to assign the reward and choose issue status to release the reward.
Raidboss tracks issue status changes and automatically releases the reward when the issue switches to the target status.

Also, note that the reward is divided equally among all users who have work logs at the reward moment.

On the right toolbar of the issue with reward, you can find a tip. Click on it to get more details on who received the reward.
It's the easiest way to create challenges.

Alternatively, you can access the full challenges UI via the Raidboss app page.
Go to the top menu: Apps > Raidboss.io.
And navigate to the Challenges section.
Here you can find all existing challenges within your team, manage drafts, set up recurring challenges, and schedule the publication.
Just click `New challenge` to explore all the options of custom challenges.
Now it's time to learn how to recognize your peers via Thanks.
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